La Vie Est Belle by LancomeWith a fragrance that combines natural ingredients from Sweet Gourmand, Iris, and Patchouli, La Vie Est Belle able to make life exactly that, beautiful. Life is beautiful when you surround yourself with beautiful sights, sounds and smells of the world. There is no better way to enter a room than with the fragrance of spring, of new beginnings.

The hints of Patchouli (which is one of the flowers found in the mint family) will pull all the fond thoughts that come to us during spring to the forefront of our minds. The warmth of the sun, the lush new growth, and the bursting forth of new life. This is how this fragrance can change the complexion of your surroundings. Only happy thoughts come in spring, and with this sent, you will be the spring that walks into every room.

Once you apply this wonderful fragrance to your wrists, earlobes, or even behind your knees, you will become that refreshing breeze we all long for. The one that wisps in on those early spring afternoons, signaling that the long cold hold of winter is lessening. It is a breeze that brings hope, and joy to those that long for something to arrive that can breathe new life into our dreary everyday lives. In spring everything seems lighter, the smiles are bigger, the skin is warmer, the grass is greener. With La Vie Est Belle, life is good as spring bursts forth.

The Iris of Pallida of Florence is the top note that La Vie Est Belle builds on. Widely known as the most costly of ingredients, it is the staying power of the Iris scent that helps this fragrance to outlast the stresses of your day. While the allure of spring is fleeting, spring always eventually give way to summer, La Vie Est Belle will surround you with the whimsy of spring all year long. There is no giving way to summer, fall or winter, rather you can create your own spring-like mood and feel everytime you wear this scent.

Lancome Has Changed The Face Of The Perfume Industry With La Vie Est Belle!

Lancome has really gone above and beyond with the creation of La Vie Est Belle. Not only have they created a mood, a feeling that is life-giving and emotional, but they have done it with a fragrance that will set you apart from the crowd. No longer will you be lost in the sea of sight, sounds and smells that we encounter every day. You will enter the world with a distinction, you will be set apart and the association with this fine fragrance will place you in a most memorable position. It is well documented that strong emotional response occurs when coupling with memorable scents. When you choose La Vie Est Belle you will trigger strong positive emotional memories. You will stand apart from the doldrums of life, you will be memorable, and is that not what we want?

The Iconic Scent Is The Result Of A Life Of Passion, Passion That You Can Have Too!

Armand Petitjean created this now iconic perfume in 2012, but that does not make it an old and tired scent. Rather La Vie Est Belle has stood the test of time and become a standard, a staple. This is a scent that is, as we said, iconic. Petitjean made it his life goal to supply women with things that evoke beauty, life, and love. With this complex, yet simple fragrance he was able to do just that. This is why the name is so appropriate, La Vie Est Belle, meaning Life Is Beautiful. When you wear it, your life will be beautiful too. You can find it at all fine fragrance dealers everywhere.

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome truly is one of the best perfume for women.