Windscreen protection is a key accessory for a car. Whether you are thinking of unbreathable air during summer or overheated seats, sun shades are the best tool that keeps the interior of a car cool.

What are the advantages of windscreen protection?

1. Protect your vehicle’s interior from overheating. Entering a car in an unbreathable summer day is a true nuisance. An effective sun shade will protect the interior of the car from the sun and keep the seats and the steering wheel cool and the air breathable.

2. Protect electronics. Whether you have an integrated GPS, a computer tablet, or a radio their reliability can be endangered by overheating. As sun shades usually lower the interior temperature for up to 40 degrees, the heat won’t cause damage to internal devices.

3. Protect your vehicle’s interior warm during winter. Most sun shades usually provide a dual-purpose that entails protection in winter and summer alike. In this manner, some weathertech sun shades feature a heat-absorbing technology that rises the interior temperature.

4. Protect the car’s interior from structural damage. If you have a car that you don’t use that often and leave it in the sun, you can expect the sun to bleach the dashboard and upholstery.

5. UV protection. Not only it protects the components from cracking after a period of UV exposure, but also side-window sun shades can protect the passengers too while driving.

Types of windscreen protection

  • Universal sun shades are the most common in the spectrum and are designed for a variety of vehicles. Although they are not perfectly fit for your windscreen and allow the sun to peek through the edges,  they are cheap and easy to store.
  • Custom-made sun shades fit the exact dimensions of your windscreen. If you’re willing to spend a few additional bucks for full glass coverage and sunray protection, this might be what you need.
  • Accordion sun shades mimic the folding and unfolding of the eponymous instrument and have the benefit of being stable on the windscreen. One disadvantage might be the fact that they are not that easy to store.

What we recommend

Regarding types of windshield protection, we strongly guide you toward a personalized sun shade since full coverage should be a priority. Before we settled on a product we had in mind the best performance and the best reviews. In this manner, our favorite product that stood our tests is the SunShade windscreen protection, which you can customize to your vehicle’s dimensions. Furthermore, the model caters to a dual-purpose design that allows you to use it in summer and winter alike. The model is both sturdy and easy to handle due to the foam core and, storage-wise, you can roll it and use the hook and loop strap system to deposit it in compact areas. If you want to proceed to this investment, you can check this product on Weathertech, where you can also set the customization and purchase the sun shade.